How to Hire Remote SEO Content Writers

How to Hire SEO Content Writers with the Right Skills

Are you planning to hire a content writer with the right skills to help write articles for your blog? If you are, then you are on the right track. 

Content writers help businesses create articles, landing page content, etc. They also write white papers, technical descriptions, product descriptions, and business reviews. 

Why are SEO content writers important? Content writers don’t write content for writing’s sake; they aim to promote businesses with well-crafted content. 

That is why when hiring a content writer, you should hire for skills, not a cheap rate. But what are the skills of a content writer? 

This article discusses how to hire SEO content writers with the right skills. 

Skills to Look for When Hiring Content Writers

SEO content writers need a combination of skills to write good content for a business with the aim of increasing its organic traffic. Some of the skills you need to look for when hiring a content writer are: 

  1. SEO knowledge
  2. Research skills
  3. Writing skills 
  4. Time management
  5. Communication skills
  6. Editing skills

Now let’s go through all those SEO content writers’ skills one after the other. 

Knowledge of SEO 

A content writer must have knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). Why? We mentioned earlier that writing content aims to promote a business and increase a website’s organic traffic. 

To do that successfully, the SEO content writer must have a solid knowledge of search engine optimization. So, what is SEO? 

SEO is the process of increasing the organic ranking of a website following best practices set by search engines like Google or Bing. 

Those best practices include writing original content, optimizing the content by adding a title, headings, paragraphs, Alt text to images, etc., and ensuring that the content contains keywords. 

Without a solid knowledge of SEO, a content writer will do a poor job of promoting a business. So, you should ensure that you hire a writer that knows how to do SEO.

Keyword Research

Another skill of a content writer is keyword research. Keyword research is crucial because it helps the writer know what your audiences (people who are interested in your business) are searching for. 

A content writer should be able to use SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahref, etc., to research potential high-volume and low-difficulty keywords to write content that will rank easily and reach more audiences. 

After getting keywords, the writer will plan and write your content around them to ensure that it ranks high on the search engine result page. So, when hiring a content writer, you should consider keyword research skills. 

What Are the Skills of a Content Writer?

Writing Skills

Of course, a content writer must have good writing skills to create the right content. Writing skills include the ability to write compelling content that motivates your audiences to take action after reading it. 

Every content writer must be able to research the topic when writing the content. Researching the topic means searching for relevant information from various sources online, including authoritative websites. 

When writers source information from authoritative sites, they will be in a position to write good content that will attract readers. So, when hiring a content writer, ensure the writer has good writing and research skills. 

Editing Skill

After writing the content, the writer must ensure that it is error-free by proofreading and editing it. A good content writer should make sure to go through the content over and over to identify grammatical errors and fix them before submission. 

Aside from that, the writer should be able to use a grammar editing tool like Grammarly to fix any grammatical mistakes present in the article. Aside from editing, a good content writer will proofread and fact-check the content to ensure that all information presented is accurate. 

Time Management Skills

Time management is the ability to meet deadlines in a writing project. You should hire a content writer who can keep to deadlines and ensure that your content is ready when you need it. 

Aside from that, an SEO content writer should be able to prioritize content according to its level of importance. This will enable the writer to do important tasks and finish the job before the deadline. 

Communication Skills

Communication is crucial for collaboration. A content writer must be able to communicate freely to inform you of progress and issues, if any arise when writing. Without communication, the job will not go smoothly, and there might be delays in the project. 

So, what are the skills of a content writer? A good content writer should have an excellent knowledge of SEO, good research skills, writing skills, editing skills, time management and communication skills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is an SEO Content Writer?

An SEO content writer is an expert that writes content following best practices. The writer must have a solid knowledge of SEO and must be able to write content that will increase the organic ranking of your website after doing keyword research. 

What Does a Content Writer Do?

Content writers are responsible for developing engaging pieces of content that can be used to increase the organic traffic of your website. They plan content, do keyword research, and write articles on various topics with the aim of increasing your site’s organic traffic. 

What Makes a Good Content Writer?

A good content writer must have excellent research skills to be able to get high-volume and low-difficulty keywords. Also, a good content writer must be able to search for information from various authoritative sites to write compelling content that motivates your audiences to engage with your business.

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