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What Are the Skills of a Full-Stack Developer?

Are you planning to hire a full-stack developer to build a website or application for your business? If you are, then you are in the right place. What are the skills of a full-stack developer? Knowing full-stack programmers’ skills will help you hire the right expert for the job. This article will help you with that. Let’s get started. 

What Is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a programmer that has skills in building the front and back end of a website. This expert can use front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and frameworks to develop the client side of a website. Also, full-stack developers can use back-end technologies Python, Java, NodeJS, PHP, etc., to build the server side of a web app. 

Responsibility of a Full-Stack Developer 

  • Front-end development. A full-stack programmer can build the client side of a website using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 
  • Back-end development. This programmer can build the server side of a web app using back-end technologies like PHP, MySQL, Java, Python, etc. 
  • Database design and development. A full-stack developer’s responsibility is to design and build the database that assists the website in storing information. 
  • API development. The programmer is responsible for API creation. These APIs perform tasks like fetching data from the server and connecting with other services. 
  • Meeting with clients. To build a website or application that meets users’ expectations, a full-stack developer must meet with clients to get all the requirements. 

Full-Stack Developers Technical Skills

Now that you know what is a full-stack developer and its responsibilities, let’s consider the skills. 

Knowledge of Front-End Framework 

Front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript make it easy to build what you see when you click a website. Here are some of the front-end technologies a full-stack developer must know. 

  • HTML and CSS. A full-stack web developer must have skills in developing a website using HTML and CSS. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS for Cascading Style Sheets are markup languages used to build and style the structure of a website. 
  • JavaScript. This is a powerful client-side programming language used for enhancing user interaction. JavaScript brings a website to life by making it interactive. A full-stack developer must be skilled in JavaScript. 

Aside from these technologies, the developer must be familiar with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Vue and Angular. 

Knowledge of Back-end Technologies 

With back-end technologies, a full-stack developer can build the server side of a website. Here are some of the techs a full-stack programmer must know. 

  • JavaScript. Although JavaScript is a front-end programming language, it can be used in back-end development with NodeJS. A full-stack developer must know NodeJS to create the server side of an application.
  • Java. This is another backend skill of a full-stack developer. They should be able to use Java frameworks such as Spring and Java Server faces.
  • Python. Full stack developers should know how to build a website using Python and its framework like Django. 
  • PHP. This programming language is very useful in building an interactive website and connecting to the database. A full-stack programmer must know PHP.
  • SQL. SQL is the database language programmers use to build and manage the database of a website. 

Database Management System

Another skill of a full-stack developer is database management using MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MongoDB. A good knowledge of databases is essential when hiring a full-stack programmer. 

Version Control

Version control systems help a programmer manage the code and keep track of changes. Popular version control tools a full-stack developer must know are Git, GitHub and Subversion. 

Testing and Debugging

Before deploying the code, the developer must test it to ensure that it works as intended. A full-stack engineer must be able to test and debug code to fix errors. 

What Are the Skills of a Full-Stack Developer?

Soft Skills of a Full-Stack Web Developer

When hiring a full-stack programmer, you should consider soft skills too. Here are some of the soft skills a developer must have. 

  • Communication. To develop a website successfully, you must communicate with the programmer to get things done. A full-stack developer must have communication skills and collaborate with everyone involved in making the product. 
  • Problem-solving skills. A developer must be able to solve problems when coding a site. That is why you should hire a full-stack programmer with problem-solving skills. 
  • Time management skills – The developer must be organized and be able to meet deadlines. 

Are You Planning to Hire a Full-stack Developer?

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Skills Required for Full Stack Developers?

Full-stack programmers need front-end and back-end skills to be able to build a complete website. Aside from that, the developer must be able to test and debug code to identify and fix errors. 

How Do I Hire a Full-stack Developer?

To hire a full-stack developer, send us your web development project requirements and we will intelligently match the right programmer with you. 

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