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What Does a Website Design and Development Company Do?

Are you planning to build a website for your business? If you are, you might want to know what a website design and development company does. Most business owners will sign a deal with a website development company without understanding the full range of their services. Others have tried to use the various online website builders to create a site for their business without knowing what it involves. This write-up answers the question, what does a web design and development company do? After reading this article, you will be able to choose the right agency to make your website

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What Is a Website Design and Development Company?

Before diving into their services, let us define a website design company. If you surf the internet regularly, you will have come across various websites representing businesses or services. Most of those websites are built by a web design company. For starters, a website design company is a firm that helps business owners to build websites for their clients. But the services of a web design agency go beyond making a website. Most web development companies do content writing as part of their services. Also, most web development companies do SEO services, which are crucial for every website. 

What Are the Services of a Web Design Agency? 

Now that we know what a website design company does, we can examine the various services.

Web Design

Web design is a crucial part of website development, but it is different from the latter because it involves designing the design layout of a website. Web design refers to creating the visual part of a website and testing it to improve customers’ experience. 

It involves considering user experience to create a better UI for the web page. Web designers use various tools like Photoshop, Figma, and other design tools to create a beautiful layout for a website. The process involves taking the business idea from the clients and then creating a design based on the client’s ideas. 

Web Development

Web development refers to building the functional part of a website. The website developer will use programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or web frameworks like Bootstrap to build custom or bespoke websites. Also, the programmer can use a CMS platform like WordPress to make the website. 

CMS doesn’t require much coding, but it requires skills. The job of a website developer is not an easy one because it involves building a responsive website. A responsive website will fit any device with no part of the content being cut away; that is why search engines love responsive websites. Aside from building responsive websites, website developers must integrate technical SEO when making the site. Let’s discuss technical SEO in the next heading.

What Does a Website Design and Development Company Do?

Technical SEO

Another service offered by a website design and development company is technical SEO. The right time to implement technical SEO is when the developer builds the site. Technical SEO relates to the structural aspect of your website. The way your content is structured, your website loading speed, your metadata, internal and external linking, and HTTP request handling.

 A good web design company will make sure to implement the technical aspect of your site so that it will abide by SEO best practices. Note that search engines like Google might not rank a website with a slow loading speed. That is why a website development company will ensure to get your technical SEO right. 

Other crucial parts of technical SEO are internal linking and avoiding duplicate content. Internal linking between contents must be done well so that search engines will rank all the pages. Your website must contain a link that makes all its pages discoverable. This is something done through the help of a sitemap. Avoiding duplicate content is the job of a web developer. Duplicate content can affect your ranking on the SERP. 

Content Writing 

Another service of a good website design and development company is SEO content writing. The content on your website pages plays a crucial role in its ranking. That is why the web design company you hire must get it right. Website content includes images, text, and videos.

 Poorly written content can affect your SEO; that is why giving your content to experts will boost the SEO of your website. Content writing usually involves keyword research, content planning, and optimization using SEO tools or software. 

Should I Build My Business Website Myself?

 Building your business website yourself is a bold move, and you can only develop your website if you have coding knowledge. There are tons of website builders online, and they offer easy-to-use web building software. 

With their software, you can easily drag and drop the content of your business website. But from the explanation we made in this write-up, you should know that building websites involve more than dragging and dropping content. Some business owners have ventured into building their websites to discover that they can’t do the SEO themselves.

 Also, a website’s content must be written to create engagement with the right amount of keywords. Most business owners don’t know the right content and how to write it. But if you can do SEO and write content, you can build your website yourself. But if you can’t, you should hire a website design and development company like Websavis to develop your website for you.


What does a website design and development company do? A web design company designs and develops a website for clients. Aside from that, SEO services and SEO are part of the services of a web design agency. 

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