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Types of Remote Outsourcing 

Are you planning to build a team of experts to work for your business or organization? Perhaps, you don’t want your team to work from an office because you haven’t got one, or you can find the right fit in your locality. The option left is to assemble a great remote team of experts to help you build your business. What is a remote team? What are the benefits of a remote team? Will a remote team move my business forward? This article will provide the answers to those questions. 

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Remote Team: What Does It Mean?

A remote team is a group of experts (software developers, graphic designers, quality analysts, SEO specialists and writers, HR, and call center agents) who work for an organization from different locations.

Note that different locations here can mean different cities, countries, or continents. We will discuss types of remote outsourcing. 

Remote working has been around for a while, but the development of digital work applications and ecosystems has made it become an indispensable part of most organizations. Businesses in the IT sector are leading the remote team workforce. 

Outsourcing Your Remote Team

When assembling your remote team, you have to choose the best model that works for you. One thing to consider is whether your team will work from the same country, continent, or worldwide. 

  • Onshoring. When assembling a team of web developers or software engineers, you can engage those located in the same country as yours. Onshoring is when an organization or a business seeks employees who work remotely from within the country of business. An example is an organization in the USA located in California that is building a remote team of developers from within the USA.

  • Nearshoring. Nearshore or nearshore development is when an organization or business builds a remote team of developers from countries nearby. For example, a software development company in Germany is building a team of developers from Poland. Poland and Germany are in a similar time zone and share a similar work culture, making it perfect for the organization to work in real-time with the team. Nearshore development is an option if you want to save costs while hiring the best fit for your business. 

  • Offshoring. Offshoring is when an organization hires employees from different countries around the world. For example, a business in the USA might hire HR from the UK, SEO experts from Ukraine, a web developer from India, a writer from Canada, and an accountant from Ireland. Offshoring has a little setback when you compare it with nearshoring. Since your employees live in different countries with different time zones, collaborating in real-time will not be easy. 

Those three outsourcing models are ways businesses can build their remote teams. 

What Kind of Remote Team Can I Build?

Depending on the nature of your business, you can build a remote team of web developers, software engineers, software architects, SEO experts, content writers, HR managers, call center agents, UI and UX designers, quality assurance engineers, etc., all the experts you need for your business. 

What Is a Remote Team?

Benefits of Setting Up a Remote Team

Increased Productivity 

Most employees believe remote work will be counterproductive, but that is not always true. With a focus on agile working, a remote team can be the best thing that happens to your business. 

Since remote working means less control over your employees, they will have more power to make decisions to move the business forward. Employees love it when their feedback is considered, and their inputs are felt, making them do their best when working for you. 

Attracts Top Talents

Let’s assume that you live in a remote Canadian location and want to hire a software developer; what will you do? 

Since you don’t have that talent around you, you have to turn to remote working and hire talents from around the world as long as they meet your requirements. 

Organizations are no longer tied to looking close; with advanced tech, businesses can build a remote team filled with top talents with less stress. 

Reduced Cost

Setting up a remote team helps you reduce costs. Organizations with an in-house team will create office space for new employees, hire and onboard staff, etc., processes that take time and consume cash. 

But you don’t have to set up an office when you build a remote team because your team works from home. Also, no need to go through the time-consuming onboarding process. 

How We Can Help

At Websavis, we help businesses build their remote team of web developers, SEO experts, content writers, business advisers, software engineers, graphic designers, UI and UX specialists, etc., everything you need to get your online business working. 

Our hiring model can help you get the best fit for your business. We can set up a team of onshore, nearshore, or offshore developers and experts to work for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Good Remote Team?

A good remote team comprises experts with the right skills and tools to work from any location. Also, a good remote team collaborates regularly, understands the work culture, and does its best to fulfill all the deliverables in a project.

How Do You Manage a Remote Team?

Managing your remote team effectively means setting clear expectations and communicating your work culture to your team members. Also, team members must have all the tech tools needed to complete their tasks and be held accountable for their actions. 

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