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What Is Nearshore Development?

Do you have a software project you want to give out to independent developers? Are you planning to expand your in-house team with the right developer? Is your organization adopting the remote work practice and planning to hire web developers? If you answer yes to any of those questions, then you need to outsource your service to an IT outsourcing company. What is an IT outsourcing company? Why should I hire an IT outsourcing company? Continue reading to find the answers. 

What Is an IT Outsourcing Company?

Let’s start by defining IT outsourcing. IT outsourcing is the practice of using an external service provider to deliver some or all of the IT functions required by your business. Those IT functions include managing infrastructure, developing and managing software, running the service desk, etc. 

So, an IT outsourcing company is an organization or a business that helps other businesses manage their IT service. An example of an IT outsourcing company is a nearshore development company that builds and manages software for its clients. 

What Are Examples of IT Services that Are Outsourced?

Examples of outsourced IT services are web development projects, software development, API development, code review, server setup and management, web infrastructure management, SEO services, content writing, security services, etc. 

What Is Nearshore Development?

When outsourcing your IT services, you have to do it right. There are three kinds of IT outsourcing – onshore, offshore, and nearshore development. The best option to choose from is nearshore development. What is Nearshore development? 

Nearshore software development is a model in which companies delegate their software and other IT projects to companies in nearby countries with lower labor costs. In nearshore development, a company can hire another company or outsource tasks to a team of nearshore developers in a nearby country. 

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Project to an IT Outsourcing Company? 

Businesses and organizations outsource their IT projects to a nearshore development company for several reasons. 

  1. Core Competencies

Are you planning to expand your software development or IT team and looking for rare skills? At times, it may be difficult to find the right skills in your country. Or, you are a startup with a limited budget and can’t hire top-notch IT experts from your country. If that is the case, you must look for competency in a nearby country. And this means engaging nearshore developers from other countries. Aside from that, you may not be able to find rare skills in your country; hence hiring a nearshore development company is the best option. 

  1. Need for Specialized Services

Another reason for outsourcing is seeking specialized services. Some tasks are best left in the hands of specialists in the field. An example is SEO. SEO requires time, consistent updates, and thorough knowledge of digital marketing. You will get the best result by outsourcing your SEO services to a nearshore development company. 

Should I Hire an IT Outsourcing Company?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Nearshore Development IT Outsourcing Company? 

Outsourcing your IT project to a nearshore development company has several advantages. They include reduced communication barriers, cost-effective services, improved product quality, and increased development speed. 

  • Reduced communication barrier. Nearshoring ensures that you outsource your IT project to an IT outsourcing company in a nearby country that understands your business language. This will ensure that you and the nearshore development company will be able to communicate and collaborate on your project. Aside from that, nearshoring ensures that you collaborate with the IT outsourcing company in real-time. There will be no delay in communication if there is any reason for you to contact the nearshore developers. 
  • Reduced cost. The main reason companies choose nearshore development when they outsource their IT project is to reduce cost. Nearshore developers often charge less for projects than onshore developers. This can save your business thousands of dollars on a single project. 
  • Improve quality. When working with a nearshore development team, you will get the best expert to work on your project. Aside from that, nearshoring eliminates much confusion and miscommunication, thus increasing the likelihood that your IT project needs will be completed with the best quality service. 
  • Increase time to market. Nearshore development makes it possible for you to get the right experts at the right time to work on your project. This makes it easy for businesses to build a project whenever they want, increasing time to market. 

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Project to an IT Outsourcing Company?

At Websavis, we have an ecosystem of IT professionals ranging from software developers to e-commerce web developers, SEO specialists, content writers, graphic designers, digital marketers, and business PR that can help you with your project. Our nearshore developers are pre-vetted to ensure they have the right skills to handle any project they are assigned. Feel free to give us a call. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Benefits of IT Outsourcing?

Some advantages of IT outsourcing are lower cost, increased speed to market, access to skilled IT professionals, and being able to scale your team any way you want. 

What Are the Most Commonly Outsourced IT Services?

You can outsource common services to a nearshore development company: software development projects, social media marketing, web design and development, business PR, SEO services, content writing, and infrastructure management. 

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