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What Is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Are you planning to build a website for your business? Perhaps, you have heard about how expensive it is to host your website with a hosting provider, and you worry about your budget. You will be glad to know that there are lots of cheap WordPress hosting you can subscribe to if you want your website on the internet. While cheap may not sound right, because to some it might mean poor services, in this case, cheap means quality service while saving money. Are you ready to find out? Let’s explore the best cheap WordPress hosting for a website.

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What Is WordPress Hosting?

Before diving into the best cheap WordPress hosting for a website, let’s understand hosting better. Web hosting is the process of storing or saving all your website’s files on a server. Now, this is becoming complicated, isn’t it? 

The mention of a server can confuse a newbie, right? But don’t worry, we will break it down so that you will understand. A server is a computer program that provides a service to another computer program and its user, also called clients. 

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It is a computer that is designed to process clients’ requests and deliver data to other computers over the internet. Servers are designed to handle, store and manage network data. The primary function of a server is to share your website file with other computers connected to the internet wherever a request is made. 

So, when you host your website with a provider,  you are buying a space on their server. Web hosting helps you to establish your website on the internet and with website maintenance like backups, security, and uptime.

What Are the Features of a Good Web Hosting?

Good web hosting should provide: 

  • Security,
  • Speed,
  • Domain name,
  • Disk space,
  • Uptime
  • Bandwidth 

Security. If you plan to collect personal or financial data with your website, then you should take extra measures to secure it from cyber-attacks. This means that you should use a web hosting plan that offers an SSL certificate, which helps you encrypt the data sent to your website. Some web hosting providers offer free SSL certificates on selected plans, so you can take advantage of that. 

Speed. A good website is expected to load in less than five seconds for a good user experience. So, if you want your website to load fast, you must use web hosting that offers the lite speed technology. 

Domain name. Your domain name is your website’s “address” on the internet. It is how your visitors can access your website. A good web hosting for WordPress plan must include domain name registration. Of course, you will pay a little for the domain name, but it makes it easier for you to integrate your domain with your hosting. 

Disk space. A good WordPress web hosting should offer disk space. This is where you will store your website files if you want them to be accessible on the internet. To run your website, you need those files on the web server, making it worthwhile to have a web host with lots of disk space. 

Uptime. The best cheap WordPress web hosting provider offers a backup server. This will ensure that your website remains on the internet whenever there is a technical glitch. Aside from that, cheap WordPress web hosting will have backup servers in multiple locations, in case of natural disasters.

Bandwidth. This is a critical web hosting feature you must consider when choosing a hosting provider. File transfer over the internet can make your website load slowly. But if you use web hosting that has a high bandwidth, your files will be transferred faster, making them load fast. 

What Is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Three Best Cheap WordPress Hosting for a Website

There are lots of cheap WordPress hosting business owners can use to put their websites on the internet. This is a list of the three best cheap WordPress hosting providers. 

  1. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers you can use when making your website. The good thing about Hostinger is that the longer you subscribe to their plan, the more they discount the amount you will pay. Aside from that, they have good customer support in case you get stuck along the way. 

Hostinger offers:

  • Web hosting starts from $1.99 per month,
  • 100 GB of bandwidth,
  • Unmetered storage,
  • Free SSL certificate on selected plans. 
  1. Bluehost

This WordPress hosting provider is recommended by WordPress, and it is one of the most popular web hosting providers to use. Like Hostinger, Bluehost provides a cheap web hosting service that is budget-friendly. 

Bluehost offers:

  • The basic plan at $2.75 per month,
  • 50 GB SSD storage,
  • Unmetered bandwidth,
  • Free domain registration on selected plans,
  • Free SSL on selected plan
  1. DreamHost

This is another cheap WordPress web hosting you can use when building your website. DreamHost offers modestly-priced one-year and monthly options. Note that the longer you subscribe to their plan, the less money you pay. 

DreamHost offers

  • Free domain registration,
  • Unmetered SSD storage and bandwidth,
  • Free SSL on selected plan
  • $2.59 per month on a three years plan,
  • $4.95 per month on a monthly basis. 


What is the best cheap WordPress web hosting? The three best web hosting for WordPress beginners can use are Hostinger, Bluehost, and DreamHost. These web hosting providers make it easy to launch your website on a budget with their budget-friendly plans. Also, these web hosting providers offer fast hosting services, security, high bandwidth, and uptime to guarantee that your website stays on the internet. 

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