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What Is the Best Online Store for Small Businesses?

Are you planning to sell more products online? Do you have a cloth or shoe store, but find it difficult to get more customers to visit your physical store? The best way to sell more products and increase your revenue is to make an online store for your business. And the easiest way to do that is to use an e-commerce platform. While an expert will find it easy to navigate the sea of online store builders and use the best, newbies will find it a little difficult to get the right online store. What is the best online store for small businesses? This article provides the answer to that question. 

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Tip: The right e-commerce platform will make it both easy and affordable to make your online store. Aside from that, the best online store for small businesses will have lots of features and functionalities that are useful in making your online store a success. And since you will depend on organic traffic as the main source of getting new customers, the online store builder you choose must have blog integration.  

Why Do I Need an Online Store?  

You need an online store if you are an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to grow a business. While a physical store is a good way to make more money, the amount you will make is limited to the number of walk-in customers. 

But the problem with a physical store is that it is not always easy to get more customers, except you run paid ads on radio or television or you pay for a space on a billboard. With an online store, you will not only increase your customers, but you will scale your business. 

More and more people will come to know more about your business when you make an e-commerce store. And the good thing about that is that your new customers don’t have to live close to you. You can sell directly to customers that live in other states, countries, or continents with an online store.  

What Are the Best Online Store for Small Businesses?

Best Online Store Builders for Small Businesses 


Squarespace is the number one online store builder on our list. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and it comes at an affordable price which starts at $23 per month and is billed annually. 

Who Should Use It?

Anyone that wants to make an online store can use Squarespace. Also, if you plan to integrate e-commerce with your store, Squarespace is the best option. 

Features of Squarespace

  • Free domain and SSL certificate, 
  • No transaction fee, 
  • Lots of beautiful templates, 
  • Drag and drop interface,
  • Payment integration,
  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • No web design skills are needed. 


Another online store builder for small businesses is Ecwid. Like Squarespace, Ecwid is a versatile e-commerce platform that makes it possible for you to grow your business online. It comes with all the standard e-commerce features in addition to beautiful templates. 

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who plans to create an e-commerce store can use Ecwid to sell more online. 

Features of Ecwid 

  • The price starts at $12.50 per month, and it is billed annually,
  • Drag and drop features,
  • E-commerce,
  • No transaction fee,
  • Payment integration.  


WooCommerce is another online store builder for small businesses that is popular among WordPress users. It is a plugin that you can easily integrate with your WordPress website and convert into a versatile e-commerce store. WooCommerce is one of the best online store builders you can use to sell more online. 

Who Can Use WooCommerce?

If you have an existing WordPress website, and you want to add e-commerce functionalities, you can use WooCommerce for the task. WooCommerce gives you lots of features that will make building your online store a success. 

Features of WooCommerce

  • Responsive design,
  • No need to write code,
  • Free for basic features,
  • Paid features are between $50 and $100,
  • Drag and drop features,
  • E-mail integration,
  • Payment integration,
  • Lots of extensions,
  • Sell digital and physical products.

So, which online store builder should I use?

Well, that depends on you. If you have an existing WordPress website, you can use WooCommerce to create an online store. If you are planning to make a new e-commerce website, you can use Squarespace or Ecwid to build a versatile e-commerce store for your small business.  


What is the best online store for small businesses? An online store allows you to sell more products to customers that live close and far from you. With an online store, you can increase revenue and scale your business. There are different online store builders you can use to make your store. You can use WooCommerce, Ecwid, or Squarespace to make your e-commerce store. 

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