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What Is the Cost of Hiring a Web Designer?

Are you thinking of creating a website for your business? You need the service of a web designer if you plan to build a business website. Getting a business website is an investment that requires cash and time. You have to hire experts to make your website. Also, you have to invest in paying the web designer for this to be possible. What is the cost of hiring a web designer? Business owners have asked this question, hoping to get a fixed price for web development services. But the answer depends on the service the web designer performs. This article considers how much a web designer will charge to make a website. It also looks at the various web development services.

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

If you want a website for your business, you will be interested in this question. You might have heard that it will cost you thousands of dollars to make a website. Some will even estimate that you will spend about $100000 to get a business website. While that might be true, the price of a website varies according to the complexity. What does complexity mean? If you have widgets like a pricing calculator, geolocation, distance calculator, and others, they will affect the website price. 

A business that sells home improvement materials must have a pricing calculator and material estimate widget to enable customers to know what size of materials they need. That business website will cost more than a simple website with fewer widgets. A simple website can cost up to $500, while a complex website can cost up to $10000. Another thing that affects the price of a website is the number of pages on it. If your website is not more than five pages, it will not cost as much as a 50 pages website. The number of pages on a website matters because most web designers charge per page. 

A web designer can charge you $100 to design and develop one page. So, if your website has ten pages in total, you will pay $1000. That is why a large e-commerce store will be more expensive than a simple business website with no product listings. Another thing that affects how much you pay for a website is what you want your designer to do. This means that if you want a web design service only, you won’t pay much like someone that wants web design and development. Let’s consider the various web development services and examine how they affect the price of a website. 

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Web Development Services and How They Affect Your Website Price

There are four main web development services that every website needs during development. They are web design, development, content writing, and SEO services. Of course, not everyone will need all these services when making a website, but you need all of them for your website to be functional. 

Most business owners will employ someone that will design and develop their website. If the amount you pay for each service is $100 per page, you will pay $1000 for a five pages website. But if you decide to go for all the web development services, and you are charged $100 per page, you will pay $2000 for a five-page website. Why are content writing and SEO a crucial part of web development? 

Content Writing and SEO Will Affect Your Website Price

Do you want a fully functional website that will generate revenue for your business? You need more than web design and development to create a functional website. A website without content will not take any shape. Also, having content is not enough; what matters is having good content that your customers will engage with. This means that you have to employ content writing services when developing your website. A good content writing service will research your business and add keywords your customers are searching for to your website so that it will be found. 

Aside from content writing services, you need SEO for your website to stay active on the internet. SEO is crucial for every business website and must be included in your web development package. To show how crucial SEO is, it begins with web design. That means you should not ignore search engine optimization when building your website. If you add all four web development services when hiring a web designer, you should expect to pay more for your website. After all, your business website is an investment that must be taken seriously. 


What is the cost of hiring a web designer? The cost of hiring a web designer depends on the complexity of the website, the number of pages, and the web development services you select. You can spend between $500 to $10000 to make a website for your business. 

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