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What Is the Job of a Web Design Company?

The job of a web design company ranges from creating a beautiful layout for a website to developing the website and creating the content that will appear on the site. Web design companies also do SEO to increase organic traffic. Let’s consider how a web design company will make your website. 

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Plan Your Website

Planning your website is the first web development step. Most business owners are used to selling their products or services to customers in their physical stores. They have taken the initiative to move their business online but don’t know the right kind of website they need. This will not be a problem when you hire a web design company. They will evaluate your business to determine your audience. Also, they will research other websites in your niche to create a consistent design.  

Design Your Website

After planning your site, the web design agency you hire will take steps to build it. But before making your website, they will create a layout that represents the site. Another aspect of web design is creating a responsive site. A responsive website is accessible on all devices. This means that the design makes it possible for your audiences to access your site from desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Search engines like Google and Bing love responsive websites because they create a good user experience. That is why a skilled web designer will ensure that your site is responsive. 

Develop Your Website

After creating a responsive design for your website, the next step is to build it. Instead of looking for web developers elsewhere, you will rely on the company to assign your website to their in-house team of developers to code it for you. Depending on the kind of site that you want for your business, the website development agency can use a CMS like WordPress to build your website. 

Websites built with CMS are easy to manage and are perfect for small businesses. But if you want, they can code your site from scratch using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP. This kind of website is not easy to manage and requires heavy maintenance. You can hire a team of developers to help monitor the site’s health or assign the task to the same web design agency. 

 Job of a Web Design Company

Develop Content for Your Website

Most business owners fail to understand the value of good content on their sites. When online visitors click your website, they will interact with its content. That is why you must have a good content strategy for your business. A good web design agency will have a team of skilled SEO content writers who will handle your content development. They will ensure that your content matches your business and what your customers are searching for. 

Using the right keywords, the SEO content writers will ensure that the content on your site is optimized for search engines and your audience. Also, they will help you create sales page content and blog posts for your business. Every business needs a blog section to add fresh content. Blogs are important because they help your audience find more information about your business, and they will signal to search engines that your site is relevant. 

Do Your Website SEO

Another job of a web design company is to optimize your website to increase its organic traffic, which means doing SEO. In fact, without SEO, your website will try little to no organic traffic per month. A good website development agency will optimize your website and ensure that it adheres to search engine guidelines. Examples of different SEO services are on-page, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. On-page SEO involves optimizing the content of your site. Adding meta titles and meta descriptions are parts of on-page SEO.

Also, adding the headings and appropriate paragraphs to your content are other parts of on-page SEO. If you have images or videos on your web pages, the SEO specialists will help you to add Alt texts to them, which will help you describe the images for search engines. Technical SEO involves ensuring that your website does not have any index issues. It must redirect correctly to the right URL so that your visitors won’t get a 404 error. Also, it involves checking for duplicate content and broken links. 


What is the job of a web design company? A web development company handles everything involved in making a website. This includes planning the site to know your audience and competitors, creating a responsive design, developing the site, writing content, and SEO. 

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