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What Services Does an SEO Company Provide? 

 As a business owner that runs a website for your firm, you must have heard others talking about SEO. Or, you have come across several articles highlighting the importance of SEO for a small business website. And then, you want to optimize your website. Doing SEO is a tedious task; that is why most business owners will hire an SEO company for the job. This article answers the question, what services does an SEO company provide? 

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What Is an SEO Company?

An SEO company is a firm that is specialized in optimizing a website so that it will meet search engine guidelines. SEO companies have a team of specialists that can handle the optimization of any website. The services of an SEO agency are divided into various parts, giving business owners the option to select a full or partial package.

Type of SEO Services

SEO services include on-page, off-page and technical. Aside from those, there is keyword research and content planning. Now let’s examine the various search engine optimization services. 

On-page SEO

One crucial part of search engine optimization services is on-page SEO. This service involved optimizing the content of a web page. An SEO company will check your web pages to identify issues and areas for improvement. 

Title Optimization

Title optimization is one part of on-page SEO. This task involves ensuring that you add the right keywords to your title and ensuring that it is of the right size. The title of a web page must contain the keywords or phrases you want that page to rank for. Also, the keywords must appear at the beginning of the title for better optimization. The SEO company you hire will check for possible faults in your title and optimize it. 

Meta Description

Although search engines don’t use meta descriptions to rank websites anymore, creating a meta description on every web page is crucial for your business. And that is what the SEO company you hire will do. A meta description gives your audience a glimpse of your content and helps them click the page. 


Most web developers that know little about SEO will build a website without adding the relevant headings. Those that know a little about headings will use them inappropriately. It is not uncommon for web developers who know little about SEO to use more than one H1 on a web page. This is bad SEO practice and can affect the web page’s ranking. Aside from making your content readable, adding the right headings to your web pages will help search engines understand the page’s structure. That is why the SEO company you hire will ensure that the headings on your web pages are well optimized. 


A part of on-page SEO services is to optimize all the images on your website by adding Alt text. This is crucial so that search engines can index them correctly. 

Services of an SEO company

Technical SEO

Unlike on-page SEO, which deals with optimizing the visual elements of your web pages, technical SEO deals with what you cannot see. This involves ensuring that your website URL redirects correctly and fixing duplicate content and broken links on your site.

Fixing Broken Links

One part of technical SEO is fixing broken links. Broken links can occur when a web page or a website you are linking to does not exist anymore. Or, it could be that you misspelled the URL. The SEO company you hire will find and fix broken links for you. Aside from that, your SEO company will ensure that the web pages on your sites are linked correctly. 

Identifying Crawl Issues

Identifying crawl issues is another part of technical SEO. Crawl issues can occur when you or your developer knowingly or unknowingly block a page on your website from search engine bots. When a page is blocked, search bots won’t be able to crawl your site, and this means that the site will not be indexed. 

Fixing Website Loading Time

Search engines love fast-loading websites. This is because it creates a better user experience when your online visitors click on it. If your website loads slowly, the SEO company you hire will fix it to load fast. 

Off-Page SEO

This has to do with what happens outside your website. An SEO agency will help you get quality backlinks from authoritative websites within your niche. Also, they will help you increase the social presence of your website. 


What services does an SEO company provide? An SEO agency’s primary task is to optimize your website to increase its visibility and organic traffic. The services include on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, content planning, and keyword research. 

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