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Who Is a Web Developer and Why Should I Hire One? 

Every business owner who uses the internet knows that it comprises many web pages that provide information to users. Some web pages are connected and accessible using a domain name. That is why a group of web pages makes up a website. So, the internet comprises lots of websites, mostly business and personal websites. Web developers are responsible for creating all the websites on the internet. If you contemplate creating a business website, you will need a web developer, except you know how to build one yourself. This post explains the job of a web developer and why you should hire one.

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Who Is a Web Developer?

Every business will need a website to scale and reach lots of customers. To make a website for your business, you need a web developer. You must have gathered from your friends or read about web developers on the internet and know little about them and their services. A website developer is responsible for building a website. The developer will code the site from scratch or use a CMS platform like WordPress. But the job of a web developer goes beyond making the website. It also includes maintaining the site’s health and performance. This falls under SEO. It shows that a website developer must understand search engine optimization. Aside from SEO, another skill a website developer must have is content writing. 

Who Is the Job of a Web Developer? 

Most business owners think that the job of a web developer is limited to writing the code to build a website. Advanced website developers know how to write code and maintain a site. Let’s examine the job of a website developer in the following headings. 

Web Developers Code Websites

The foremost task of a web developer is to build the website. A website contains different pages, and each page has content, such as images, videos, and text. So, to make a website, the web developer you hire will use programming languages like PHP and MySQL to make the backend of the site. To make the frontend, a web developer will use a markup language like HTML and CSS and a scripting language like JavaScript to add functionality to the web pages. Since a website cannot exist without content, you must have your web content ready before coding. An alternative to coding a website is using a CMS platform like WordPress to drag and drop the site’s visual elements. For newbies, it is better to use WordPress to develop your website because it makes it easier to maintain and add more content. 

Web Developers Maintain Websites

Every website needs maintenance for it to gain and maintain its visibility on the internet. That is why another job of a web developer is to maintain the website after building it. Your website developer will ensure that your site’s health score is high. Having a high health score means that your website loads quickly and is responsive on all devices. This implies that your web developer will do the SEO of your website. A good website will have contents that are optimized for both users and search engines. Web developers will handle the technical aspect of SEO by ensuring that your website does not have broken links, 404 pages, and linking pages correctly. 

Web Developers May Write Content for a Website 

The content on your website is the visible part that your users interact with when they visit your site. It can be in the form of text, images, or videos. Your website developer will handle your site’s content creation. Web content must be optimized using SEO techniques before uploading it to a website. That is why website developers are responsible for the content on a site. 

Why Should I Hire a Web Developer?

Who Is a Web Developer and Why Should I Hire One

If you cannot code your website, then you need a web developer for the task. You should hire a developer who knows content development and SEO. Another reason you should hire a website developer is that it enables small business owners to focus on their business while the expert handles the job. 


Who is a web developer, and why should I hire one? A web developer code and maintain a website. You should hire a developer if you don’t know how to make a site. 

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