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Why Is My Business Website not Making Money? 

So you have built a business website and realize that it is not making money? Well, you are not alone. There are billions of websites on the internet, and a large percentage of those websites won’t make a dime for their owners. Most business websites will not generate profits because of how they are built. If you discover that your website isn’t making profits after building it, you will want to fix it. This article explains why most business websites won’t make money and how to fix them. 

Why Your Website Won’t Make a Dime

There are several reasons your business website will not make money. One reason is that most of those websites are built by inexperienced business owners. An inexperienced business owner might decide to save money instead of hiring a web design company. So, in the process of using free online website tools to make their website, they will make lots of mistakes. Another reason your business website won’t make money is that it lacks engaging content. A website needs great content your customers or audience will engage with. If your business website lacks conversion-generating content, then you shouldn’t expect it to make any money. Let’s analyze the reasons we mentioned above, one after the other, and look for ways to fix them. 

Errors as a Result of Building Your Website Yourself

There will be errors when an inexperienced business owner attempts to build a website without hiring a web design company. And when a website has errors, it will affect its organic traffic. Note that your website is the online representation of your business, and you have to invest in your website just like a physical business. Paying cheap web developers or trying to save money by building your website yourself will cause serious problems. That is why business owners must be ready to spend money on building a website. And after, spend money to hire an SEO company to optimize the website. If you have built your business website yourself and discovered that it is not making money, you should analyze it to detect the issues. 

Poor Website Optimization

A website must be perfectly optimized for search engines to receive its fair share of internet traffic. If your business website is not making money, maybe it is not visible to potential customers. Your website must receive a reasonable amount of organic traffic before making money. If your website has this issue, then you should take steps to optimize it. This means doing SEO for your website. SEO is a tedious task, not at least for inexperienced business owners. You don’t want to mess with your website and then destroy it in the name of doing SEO. Instead, you should hire an SEO company to help you optimize the website. There are different types of SEO services that an SEO company will do on a website. 

Why Is My Business Website not Making Money? 

For a website with a poor health score, content planning is the first SEO service. Content planning is strategizing to reach the right customers. The SEO company you hire will help you create the right content, do keywords analysis, and ensure that they target low-difficulty keywords. When you have the right content on your web pages, the SEO experts will move to on-page optimization. On-page optimization ensures that the content on your web pages meets search engine guidelines. The SEO experts will ensure that your meta title and headings are set correctly. Also, if you have images on your web pages, they will add the right Alt text to them. After doing on-page SEO, the SEO company will do off-page and technical optimization. 

Poor Website Design UI

Another reason your website might not be making money is the web design you choose. Your website’s design matters if you want your audience to engage with your business. This means that you have to hire a web designer to help you create a responsive web design for your site. The design you select must be user-friendly. This means that your visitors should be able to navigate your website easily. Also, your visitors should be able to find what they want and the call-to-action buttons without stressing themselves. A website’s user experience is crucial; that is why Google will display a website with a good user experience faster than one with a poor user experience. 


Why is my business website not making money? Your business website is probably not making money because it has a poor web UI design and is not optimized for search engines. This can happen if an inexperienced business owner decides to use free online website tools to build a website. 

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