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Why Is My Website Not Showing in Google Searches? 

Do you have a business website that is not visible when you search for it online? There are millions of websites online, and most of them are not visible when people search for them. If your website is not visible on Google search, it can mean many things. This article addresses why my business website is not showing in Google searches. It looks into several reasons most websites are not receiving any traffic online. And it provides recommendations on what website owners should do to make their site appear on Google searches.  

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Problems Related to a Website’s Visibility Online

There are numerous problems related to a website’s visibility online, and the better you understand them, the easier you find a solution. 

Website Didn’t Appear When I Typed the Domain Name

If you typed your website domain name on Google search and nothing appeared, then it means that Google has not yet seen it. When you build a website for your business, you will purchase a domain name and a web host from a live server. The hosting company will help you put your website online so that it will become visible to search engines like Bing, Yandex, and Google. After waiting for some time, and you discover that the website domain doesn’t exist on the internet, you have to trace the problem to your domain name registration. 

Ask them to verify that your domain name is active and when verified, try typing it online. If the domain name is active, then it will appear on Google search when you type it. Another reason your website might not appear when you type the domain name is that it has little to no content. Most search engines care about user experience and will not index a website with no content. This can happen if your website is new. So, you should try adding content to it and wait for Google to index it. 

Website Didn’t Appear When I Typed Terms Related to My Business

Why Is My Business Website Not Showing in Google Searches?

If you type terms or keywords related to your business and your website doesn’t appear, then you have work to do. This suggests that your website needs SEO. Your website might not appear for several reasons. One is that it is new, and search engines have not indexed the content on the web pages. Another is that you don’t add keywords related to your business on your web pages to make search engines consider it relevant. If your business website has a low domain authority and the keywords you are targeting have high difficulty, then it will take time for it to appear. 

Let’s consider the solution to these visibility problems one after the other. If your website is new, you have to wait for some time before Google index it. But if you think the delay is too much, you can use the webmaster tool to manually ask Google to index your website. When you do this, your website should appear on the Google index within weeks. If you type your domain name, and it appears on Google search, but the website doesn’t appear when you type keywords related to it, then you need to do SEO

This means that you have to hire an SEO company and let SEO experts handle the job. What the SEO specialist will do is help you plan your content and add the right keywords so that search engines will find your website relevant. SEO usually takes weeks or months to work, depending on the keywords you want to rank for. So, you have to be patient when doing SEO and wait for Google to index your web pages. Another thing SEO experts will help you to do is to increase the domain authority of your website. 

Your Website Has Been Penalized by Google

If your website is showing on Google search and suddenly the ranking drop, this means that it has been penalized. There are several reasons Google penalizes websites. And one of them is if you employ black hat SEO techniques. Never employ quacks to help handle your SEO. This is because they will charge a cheap amount and use black hat SEO to optimize your website. If your business website has been penalized because of black hat practices, you have to start all over again. Aside from black hat SEO practices, your website ranking might reduce if the design is not responsive. So, you should ensure that you hire an SEO web designer to build a responsive website for you. 


Why is my business website not showing in Google searches? If your business website is new, then it might take some time for it to show on Google. Try adding some content and wait for Google to index it. If your website is not appearing for keywords, do SEO and wait for it to work. If your website has been penalized, you have to start all over. Never employ black hat SEO practices. 

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