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What Is a Nearshore Development Company?

Outsourcing your software development project to a nearshore development company like Websavis offers several advantages over building it internally. What is a nearshore development company? Why outsource to a nearshore development company? How to outsource your project to a nearshore development company. Continue reading to know more. 

What Is a Nearshore Development Company?

A nearshore development company is an IT outsourcing company located in a nearby country that helps build your software product. Also, you can think of a nearshore development company as a firm that helps businesses to connect with nearshore developers. Websavis helps businesses connect with any skill they need from around the world or a nearby country.  

So, what is nearshore outsourcing? Nearshoring or nearshore software outsourcing is when a company or individual outsources software development work to an adjacent country. For example, a business in the USA outsources software work to a team in Latin America. 

Some of Latin America’s most common nearshore destinations include Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. All four locations have compatible working hours with all time zones in the US.

Why Outsource to a Nearshore Development Company?

Organizations outsource their software development projects to nearshore developers for many reasons. Here are a few.

Addressing Staff Shortages

Since nearshore developers are experienced in working on project-based software, they have the skills and flexibility to bridge staffing gaps at short notice. Their experience ensures they meet your quality standards and get your company effortlessly. 

Access to Skills

A nearshore development company like Websavis provides access to various talent pools. If your organization lacks a particular skill, you can draw from their talent pool and hire any nearshore developer you want. 

Cultural and Language Similarities

Sharing a language and similar work culture is key to reaching your project objectives. Nearshore developers give you access to software engineers that can communicate clearly in your business language and share your work culture. 

Improving Company Efficiency

When you hire nearshore developers, you will be able to focus on your day-to-day business activities. Businesses that develop internally often find themselves overloaded and unable to take in new projects. You will free up your company’s time and resources when you outsource your software project. 

Geographical Proximity

You and the nearshore team are in geographic proximity, making it easy for you to collaborate if necessary.  If you need to meet with the developer, nearshoring facilitate this option. 

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How to Outsource Your Project to a Nearshore Software Development Team

To outsource your project to the best nearshore outsourcing team, we recommend that you follow these three steps: 

Assess Your Organization’s Skills

Assessing your organizational skills will enable you to know what you are lacking. This will make it easy to hire a nearshore developer to fill the gap. 

Verify the Skills of the Nearshore Developer

Verifying the nearshore developer’s skills means checking past projects, portfolios, customer reviews, etc. You can also assign a short task for the developer before you outsource your project to the software development team. This will enable you to hire the right fit. 

Implement Project Management Processes

To fulfill your project, you must implement project management tools to make work easier for the developers. Software like Trello, Slacks, Jira, etc., will make work easier and faster. It would help if you also assigned project managers and team leaders to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Where to Find Nearshore Developers?

Are you looking for nearshore developers for hire? If you are, then you are on the right page. At Websavis, we have an ecosystem of web developers, SEO experts, content writers, graphic designers, digital marketers, business PRs, software engineers, etc., that can help you handle any project. Feel free to give us a call. 

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